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The Center for Catholic Prayer

The Center for Catholic Prayer

Here you will find a collection of common Catholic prayers to be used before and after Mass; prayers to help you start and end each day; prayers for special occasions; and prayers to the saints and angels - all to you used to keep you in daily union with God. We hope that the use of these Catholic prayers will help God come into your daily life, and bring enrichment beyond all expectations.

Catholic Prayers

Prayer to Our Lady, Health of the Sick

Virgin, most holy, Mother of the Word Incarnate, Treasurer of graces, and Refuge of sinners...

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St Augustine Prayer for the Sick

St Augustine Prayer for the Sick

Prayer for those sick, weary and dying.

Watch Thous, O Lord, with those who wake...

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Prayer to Jesus for the Sick

Jesus, Divine Physician and Healer

Dear Jesus, Divine Physician and Healer...

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Prayer Before and Operation

Loving Father, I entrust myself to Your care this day; guide ...

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Prayer for the Sick to God the Father

Prayer for those suffering and in pain

Father, your Son accepted our sufferings to teach us the virtue...

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