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The Center for Catholic Prayer

The Center for Catholic Prayer

Here you will find a collection of common Catholic prayers to be used before and after Mass; prayers to help you start and end each day; prayers for special occasions; and prayers to the saints and angels - all to you used to keep you in daily union with God. We hope that the use of these Catholic prayers will help God come into your daily life, and bring enrichment beyond all expectations.

Catholic Prayers

Prayer to Saint Juan Diego

Prayer to Our Lady of Guadalupe

Categories: Catholic Prayer, Prayers to Saints

Dear Saint Juan Diego, at Tepeyac Our Lady told you, "I am your mother. Are you not under my protection? Why do you fear, if you are in my mantle, and in my arms?" In you humility, you were 'altogether necessary' in God's plan. 

Confidently you face a skeptical Bishop Zumarraga, presenting him with roses which miraculously grew on the hillside. Wondrously, the image Wondrously of the Virgin appeared on you tilma!

Because of your faithfulness, the Gospel of Our Lord spread through Mary's image, and many people cam eto believe in Him. Your devotion lives on in the people of Mexico, the Americas, and the whole world. 

O Saint Juan Diego, please pray for me [mention your request]. May Our Lady of Guadalupe, Mother of the true God, bring all peoples to Jesus, Her Son. 

Through Christ our Lord. Amen+

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